Ever had one of those WTF moments?

Ever had those moments where you read or see something, almost exclusively on social media; and you shake your head and mutter ‘what the fuck?’

Well, there’s two ways this could go now.

  • Yes? Hello! You’re not alone. Having WTF moments is a favourite pastime of mine.
  • No? Apologies. You may have stumbled onto the wrong blog.

Going off the assumption that you’re still reading because of option 1 (or you could be of option 2 and you’re just curious but that’s okay; please, by all means, keep on reading) WTF moments aren’t just isolated to social media. Life in general has a rather large amount of irritations. Grumbling or chuckling (mostly the former) about them is too big an opportunity to miss.

One thing I do realise is that I am but just one voice out of billions; no doubt there are others who disagree with what I say but there will also be just as many who agree. But the reason why I’ll rant talk is because it does get rather isolating, rather lonely, when you have thoughts pinging around your head that for whatever reason, you feel you cannot share with those around you. Been there, done that… still doing that.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t started this blog for some regular catharsis; but I do genuinely hope that posts here may help others who might feel isolated, unable to talk about things, or just are pissed off at life in general. If it does help, then this blog has already done far more than I could have hoped it would.

Welcome to an insight of a near-permanently grumbling human.